XML-Simulator is a black box tester for applications using XML messaging for communication.
MessageMagic is a TTCN-3-based tester for embedded software black box testing.
Co-Advisor provides black box testing of HTTP, ICAP, and DNS agents.
Offshore Software QA Testing provides services like black box testing, white box testing, IV&V through their Offshore Software Testing Labs with their qa testing processes.
Get all the info related to testing. Static, dynamic, black box, whilte box, requirements, regression.Testing tools: WinRunner Load runner, Silktest, test director Interview Questions.
provides services in Software Risk Management & Analysis, Full Lifecycle Testing, Black Box Testing, White Box Testing, Test Automation, Security Testing
Provides Software testing & Automation services.Test Management, Test Automation , Black box / white box testing, Functional and Parametric Testing, Regression Testing, Feature and Product Testing, Simulated Load Performance Testing, Compatibility Testing...
Black box tester? Whitebox tester? Developer writing unit tests? This book covers all camps and all testing tools in Visual Studio 2005 Team System.

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